Monday, April 14, 2008


Recently introduced to Jockstrap Central was the COLT line of leather jockstraps. Made from the finest, softest most supple leather the Guys at COLT could find. The leather is small batch dyed into four COLT custom colors, black, yellow, blue and red. This leather is then handcrafted into the the fine kinky zippered athletic supporters shown here. You don't even need to worry about catching anything delicate in the zip as the jockstrap has a soft leather flap sewn over the zipper on the inside of the pouch to protect even your most sensitive prized crown jewels.

Don't forget to choose your color for your own fetish.

Black = Sado masochism.

Blue = Likes to fuck.

Yellow = Watersports, and we aren't talking polo here!

Red = Hand balling or fisting.

Don't forget to come on over and check out what else Jockstrap Central can support you with!

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