Thursday, March 27, 2008


We at Jockstrap Central know that everyone loves jockstraps, after all, who doesn't like to see a mans ass being framed by those sexy cheek straps. They come in all kinds of different styles, from the original 3 inch wide waist strap supporter such as the classic Jockstrap CentralBIKE #10 to the newer sleeker models easily worn under low cut jeans.

Jockstraps have certainly changed since the early days, originally they were more utilitarian - sporting thick heavy duty waistbands with industrial strength mesh pouches, not too comfortable to be worn for long periods of time, now they are made from all kinds of sexy slinky fabrics. Everything from large fishnet to mini-mesh silk and satin, cotton and microfiber rubber Lycra and right on to leather and ... okay, lets not do the lace route!

It doesn't matter what you call them or how you spell it - jockstraps, jockstrap, jock strap, athletic supporter are the most popular and common names in English, and depending on which Country you are from they can be called:
(I make no claims as to the correct spelling or pronunciation of the following, if anyone can add any to this list please let me know)

Danish - skritbind

Dutch - suspensoir

French - suspensoir or slip de sport

German - sportsuspensorium

Greek - σπασουάρ (how do you pronounce that?)

Italian - sospensorio

Portuguese - suporte (m) atlético, sunga (f)

Russian - суспензорий, проффессиональный спортсмен

Spanish - suspensorio, suspensor

Swedish - suspensoar

Chinese (Simplified) - 护身三角绷带

Chinese (Traditional) - 護身三角繃帶

Korean - 남성용 국부 서포터, 남자 운동 선수

Japanese - サポーター, 運動選手

and finally

Arabic - ‏(الاسم) حذام رجالي يرتديه الرياضاو

Enough talk, lets see what this blog is all about - JOCKSTRAPS - here is Paulo, a native of Portugal sporting the sport supporter in a selection of mesh jocks in various colors and fabrics.

Remember you can get all of these sizzlin hot jockstraps from
Jockstrap Central.

White Kinkwear Fishnet Jockstrap

Red Kinkwear Sportmesh Jockstrap

Hawiian Lu-Wow Kinkwear Jockstrap

Yellow Kinkwear Sportmesh Jockstrap

White Kinkwear Sportmesh Jockstrap

Black Kinkwear Fishnet Jockstrap

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